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Athanasios Gomatos – About me

Self-help and personal growth have been long time passions for me. Through much of my younger years I struggled with depression and deep frustration of wanting something more, something better but just not having the tools, resources or knowledge of how to create that radical positive change and live the kind of life I could so easily imagine and deeply desired. I read books, attended workshops and immersed myself in new age, spiritual and psychological therapies. With the help of fierce teachers and loving guides, slowly, but surely, like a delicate rosebud watered with plenty of tears, my life began to unfold, open up and just blossom. This awakening, and a path that is a little less troubled is what I’d love to share with you.

I started my career in Human Resources and worked for several big multinational companies in Montreal. I worked really hard and steadily progressed up the career ladder, eventually reaching leadership level. However, I never truly felt that I had found my place in the world. I suffered from a lack of self-confidence and constantly compared myself to others who I thought were smarter and better than me, and who seemed to progress their careers at a faster rate than I did.

Despite having that ever-present self-doubt, I grabbed every opportunity I could to further my career and had some incredible experiences along the way.

But that niggling feeling that I was just a small cog in a big wheel kept eating away at me. I just couldn’t get away from that sense that I didn’t fit the conventional corporate mould. It felt like my self-worth was attached to whether I was doing well at work and it suddenly dawned on me that it didn’t have to be that way.

It was at that moment that I decided to take the leap from the comfort of a regular income and set up my own HR consultancy business. The liberating feeling I got from being my own boss was quite incredible. It was not without risk and a healthy dose of fear but I finally felt in control of my career…and I loved it!

And here I am today. I’m doing two jobs that I love (HR and Life Coach) making a difference to the lives of others, feeling in control of where I’m going and with more self-belief and confidence as a result. It’s not been without a few pretty hairy moments and some wrong turns along the way but I have made it happen.

Athanasios Gomatos Montreal Life Coach
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