It’s no secret at all that the global covid-19 pandemic has caused a massive shift in the way work is being done all over the world these days. For the past year business owners and employees alike,  all over the globe have had to rethink their workflow strategies. 

In a recent survey, 29% of remote employees said they struggle with work-life balance

The shift from “going to work” and  “always being at work” came very suddenly for most people. Having less than 24 hours to prepare, this didn’t really allow proper planning for companies and employees alike. Most of us believed this situation would be temporary, almost one year later we are realizing that working remotely is shifting from temporary to the new-normal.

Working from home has many advantages for both companies and employees. The big question is how to create a work-life balance within your home. In a recent study conducted by Stanford, results showed that working from home can increase your performance by 13 percent.

 Let’s explore the top 3 ways you can effectively increase your productivity while managing your stress working remotely.


Setting up a dedicated area of your home to use as a workspace is crucial. Sitting down in this space sends a clear signal to your brain that it’s time to focus and work. Having an organized space dedicated for work, ensures your personal space doesn’t become cluttered and the temptation of “checking in” with work will be reduced. 

A life coach, like Athanasios Gomatos, can help clients to train their mind to treat their dedicated workspace as they would their actual offices. Clients learn to try and stay away from their designated workspaces when they aren’t working. The reality is, not everyone has the extra space in their home for an “office”. You can create an effective workspace anywhere in your home, the idea to keep in mind is that when you step into that “zone”, you are walking into work.

If you are sharing an office with your spouse or your kids, setting clear boundaries and schedules will greatly add to your success. Set up your desk or worktable in a way that your facing the door, this will reduce stress as you can see exactly who is coming in and therefore won’t be so anxious if the door opens or someone steps into your space while you’re on a call or in a meeting.


Taking care of your physical and mental well-being during this time is essential for both managing stress and productivity. Set yourself up for success by treating your daily routine with the same attention as you did when you were going into the office. 

Wake up and shower, get dressed right away. Make your bed, grab a cup of coffee and go over your schedule for the day. Make sure to carve out time for breaks, including your lunch break, these moments to regroup and step away will make a huge difference in your attitude and productivity. Short bursts of physical activity may help you let out some pent-up energy so you can focus on your work. Plan a 20 minute walk or a short yoga session throughout your day.  If you are home with younger children, they will benefit from this as well.

“Flexibility is one of the obvious benefits of working from home. Creating a distinct schedule for when to work and when to break is what allows remote workers to maintain a perfect work-life balance.” is what I recommends to my clients who are struggling to create balance.


One of the leading causes of work-related stress is focusing on the negative, and what is going on that is beyond our control. It’s so easy to fall into the “self-Judgement” trap. Comparing our situation to our friends and colleagues. The truth is that we all face wildly different realities, there is no “one size fits all” way of handling this new reality. 

For some, working from home is a dream come true and the positive aspects are all they see. For others, the reality of being at home 24/7 with your spouse and kids can be an overwhelming situation. Focus on your unique situation, and find reasons to celebrate and appreciate yourself everyday. Gratitude for your safety, health, and your job will help you process and handle stress much better.

Many people need the physical and social interactions that come with going to work, it feeds their energy and creativity. If this is you, make time to socialize with colleagues after hours, create a team “zoom lunch” once a week. A virtual 5-7 on Fridays is also a great idea to check in with your colleagues. If your company is already doing that and you haven’t participated, make the time to join them. The connection will help you realize that we are all facing many challenges during this time, and who knows, maybe a colleague will share a story or an idea that will help you in your everyday life.

About Athanasios Gomatos

As a life coach, he works with people who struggle with clarity of purpose, helps them rewire faulty mindset patterns, and live meaningful and fulfilled lives.